Taking the Steps Toward the “Unreachable Goal”

hedef baars ve birlik beraberlik ruhuIs there a goal or goals you would like to attain that you just can’t seem to work on reaching? A goal that sits in the back of your mind just out of reach.

If you are you ready, willing, and able to pursue this, the question to ask is “What’s stopping me?” Take a few moments to think about this. Take the question in and pay attention to the answer(s) that comes to mind and whether or not it feels genuine. If it feels comfortable with who you are, where you would like to be then the answer is genuine and from your truth. If the answer doesn’t feel quite right somehow, then perhaps, your answer is simply an excuse not to take the necessary steps. If this is the case, I ask that you look deeper, discover why you do not want to answer the question. The answer to this is the answer to the original question.

You may have already asked yourself this, found what is holding you back, and yet, you are still having trouble moving forward. In this case I ask how is this stopping you? There is a difference between these 2 questions. The first identifies the obstacle itself. This question asks that you look at how the obstacle is keeping you from moving forward.

For example, I was writing an article for a graphics trade organization of which I am a member. I found myself caught up in the minutia of the details within the details and repeating points using different words. Knowing I am trained in graphic and fine arts my coach first asked me what my process is when I write. He then asked how is it different from my process when I am creating art. I thought about the answer for a bit and the light clicked on. I knew how I was going to change my process when writing and instantly felt the frustration dissipate. By exploring the processes I used in each, I recognized that I was not using the same creative process for each. Once I made the change the writing became much easier and felt more natural.

Now, back to the question of how. Once you have your answer, ask yourself what steps you can take to attain your goal. What does this look like for you? For example, will you need help from another, or do you need to take a class in order to reach your goal? You may need to ask advice of another to answer these questions. Next, “What is a realistic time frame to make it happen?” And, most importantly, “How will I be held accountable?”

Without accountability, it can become too easy to put off what has to be done for another time. It also becomes difficult to track your progress. Ask yourself, “Am I able to hold myself accountable in a way that will keep me moving towards my goal? If yes, ”How will I do this?” If not, “Who can I ask to help me with this?”

These are beginning steps towards reaching your goal. Reaching these goals requires work. Work that may be difficult, but well worth the effort. It all begins with the question you already have the answer to.

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